Smile – the natural facial epilator

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"A smile is the shortest bridge between any two hearts. This statement is very true particularly in today’s context where human relationships have become strained and it has become difficult to express our emotions and we are constantly struggling with our overwhelming emotions, feelings, uncertainties and doubts. An epilator is meant to refine our physical appearance and add that final touch of perfection before we are ready to face the world. Similarly, a smile is the single most important ingredient which we require to put on everyday in the morning so that we are not only physically fit to appear in the outside world but also emotionally embraced to take on a new day.


The way a facial epilator gives one a confidence boost with its function, a smile also provides a kind of inner positivity which instills a positive attitude in our mind. The day we have a smile on our face, some of the problems of this life seem easier to tackle, some enormous tasks look simpler and some negative people start to look more approachable.


Perception management in today’s era is an essential art. The way an epilator is an aid to manage our perception in the outside world as a well maintained and self-conscious person, a smile is the perfect tool to manage and maintain our image as a courteous, positive, warm and welcoming person. A facial epilator comes to our rescue when we are in dire need to look our best and we need to project a beautiful image. Similarly, a smile comes to play when we need to make ourselves look like we are there to look for solutions rather than problems, like we are looking for happiness, like we have it in us to achieve success. Thus, I can’t think of an analogy as perfect as that between a simple smile and a facial epilator.

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